When I was 10 my mom took me from California to Florida for our annual summer vacay. Epcot Center changed my life! I loved being immersed into new worlds and hearing all the different languages. 36 countries, 49 American States and 6 Canadian Provinces later and I still can’t get enough.

My mom is a retired teacher and raised me on her own. Being brought up by a strong woman who also has the travel bug means I’ve missed a lot of Mother’s Days. She understands 🙂

If you’re on my site, then you’re curious about the world. Me too! Hi! I love meeting people and exchanging ideas with kindred spirits, so I hope you’ll stick around. I have a Facebook group as well, if you’d like to join click here. While I’ve just gotten started on the site, my travels have been well underway since college. I worked on cruise ships and drove the length of the US 6 times and then became paid to travel North America as a tech trainer. Finally I realized it was time to put my wanderlust to work for me!

I’ve been blogging for years. Badly. If you REALLY want to suffer through some old stuff, click here. Otherwise I’m available on all social media @mollythegypsy!

Happy traveling!

PS If you’re a postcard sender, I LOVE mail! Send me one…


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